Our Cause

Our Mission

We are working to develop a scholarship for underprivileged children in Cape Verde, Africa, to attend college. Through this scholarship, children from poor and struggling families will have the financial opportunity for education. The children we hope to help are those from severely financially struggling families that even the thought of attending college is the dream for them. We want to give these hopeful children the means to fulfill their dreams and work towards a future they never thought they could have.

Our Plan

We have designed T-Shirts to support our cause and working on the funding to produce them to sell. We have created and manufactured some but not enough for us to sell to reach our ultimate goal. Your donation with being put towards funding the creating of the rest of our required T-Shirt designs. Once we have manufactured enough shirts, the next phase of the project can proceed where the actual scholarship money will be raised. We will then begin selling them with 100% of the proceeds going to the scholarships. The more donations received now will allow for a more T-Shirts manufactured, ultimately increasing the potential amount of children we are able to sponsor with a scholarship. These T-Shirts will be our means of fundraising but also represent to message of our cause. When worn, they will convey our truth that everyone is deserving of greatness. Each design contributes to our theme of empowering all to not settle for less than they dream of.


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