Internship Opportunities Available

*School credit is available. Lunch will be provided at work.

Jewelry Production Intern

-Fast and quality work with beading, stringing, wire wrapping, looping, hand knotting, linking, etc.

-Produce necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuffs, and rings.

-Fashion majors preferred

-Prior experience in jewelry production a plus

Sales Internship

 -Open accounts with high end retail boutiques, department stores, resort boutiques, 
hotel gift shops, etc. 

-Help in organizing and engaging people to participate in trunk shows

-Business and sales/marketing majors preferred 

-Must have prior experience in sales, marketing, fashion, and/or jewelry industry

Social Media/PR Intern

-Developing multi-media web content
-Monitoring and interacting with Alzerina community to ensure optimal user engagement
-Engaging key target audiences to build brand awareness both online and offline
-Monitoring dialogue and feedback in national social media outlets, synthesizing outlets and 

making actionable recommendations to management team

-Minimum completion: second academic year

-Undergraduate major: business, marketing and sales, communications and new media

Graphic Design Intern

-HTML, CSS and Javascript coding for website
-Design high end flyers for website, social media and magazines
-Build 3D images and videos for advertising 
-Design logos

-Updating social media pages with new images

-Experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript is required
-Extensive knowledge of typography, layout, color sense, and the latest design tools
such as Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After effects
-Understanding of current and emerging digital design conventions and some usability concepts

-Graphic design and print design experience a huge plus

*For more information and inquiries please call 347-644-7212
or email